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cheapest price transit and the proposed million to be spent on new

B local elections B local elections Chronicle asked all the formally constituted parties fielding candidates in the bath area at next thursday local elections to outline in 300 words why they deserve your vote. In this article, from a to z, are their feedback. These local elections present residents in bath and north east somerset with a real choice about the long run of our area.The next several years will see the council finances become increasingly tight and it is vital that we get our area economy growing to deliver the new jobs and homes so clearly needed. I believe the conservatives are the only party in this election with the plans and vision to bring about this economic growth whilst delivering sound financial management to protect local services whenever we can. We surely have a strong local record of cutting waste, diminishing council tax rises, and keeping local services.We have caused the new government to deliver our area first ever council tax freeze, whilst also protecting services to vulnerable residents and the day to day services residents value such as weekly waste collections, your local library and mobile your local library, street vacuuming, road safety and leisure establishments. If chosen in may, conservatives will cut what amount of councillors and senior council managers as well as cut the amount spent on the council office rentals in order to continue to protect these important front line services. Additionally to this, we have real plans to get our local economy growing and traffic transferring bath.After securing stock options from both the homes and communities agency and the council, work has finally started on the long awaited western riverside development and southgate has been finished successfully. But we must build on this move forward.Securing government investment in bath transport system is crucial to cutting congestion, unlocking key development sites and teaching more businesses to our area.We are devoted to making this a priority, and to support these improvements we would invest an additional million into local trains and buses, recognising the significance of safeguarding bus services throughout the district. With the federal government having to pay back britain record national debt, just like all around the country we of course have a challenging Cheap Pandora Beads Sale few years ahead.But i believe that with the right policies and vision we can also secure a good chance for our area.Or The green party is the only party in this election sitting on a platform of change.We are the only party purchased progressive, imaginative solutions to the contests of climate change, enviromentally friendly problems and the cuts in public services imposed by the tory/lib dem coalition and labour government mismanagement.We need councillors who are tuned in to the needs of residents and who advocate local and sustainable solutions. The green party only advocates cuts where they are required not where they hurt.We would increase the supply of affordable and social housing by ensuring that all new developments set aside 40 per cent for this function.We plays a part in assert the council's powers to bring empty homes back into use and support an adapted new homes bonus scheme as a further incentive. We will maximise energy efficiency by promoting a Pandora Silver Beads home insulation programme, reducing council energy uptake and promoting micro generation.We will put into practice the zero waste strategy, focusing on reducing waste furthermore maximising efficient recycling. We are going to promote walking, cycling and trains and buses over personal car use and introduce a 20mph speed limit across bath and a 10mph speed limit in selected residential streets.We support greater pedestrianisation of the city centre to create an enhanced built placing, freed from the impact of traffic. We will protect and preserve the green belt the lungs of the city opposing any emergence here and on public green spaces.We will install area committees to devolve power to communities, thereby ensuring people are consulted about decisions that have an effect on them. Green councillors can be a voice for enhancements made on bath, promoting durability, vigorously defending public services and influencing progressive alternative.Make a real price tag.Vote healthy. The next four years certainly are the most testing ever for bath and north east somerset council as the savage cuts from the lib dem/tory coalition start to impact on council services.Councillors which represents both these parties on the council cannot distance themselves from the impact that the cuts will have on local people.A vote for either the lib dems or the tories indicates residents would be more likely to see the trickle down effects of these cuts happening in b because of this labour will be the only effective opposition.That is why it is crucial that the electors of bath and north east somerset return as many labour councillors as possible. Labour councillors will work relentlessly to defend front line services, unique services for the young, the aged and the most vulnerable residents of b don't judge us by what we say, judge us by our record during four years.B labour councillors have easily reversed a number of proposed cuts including to support activities for carers, towards saving the youth service, to shout out advocacy service provider, for bath contact centre and to the off the record counselling service for youngsters. Our six concerns for this election are:To create less expensive housing, protect youth services and kids centres, protect services for the ageing, encourage position and lifelong learning, protect the environment and promote trains and buses, and to mow waste and save public money.Labour is also picked up saving culverhay school and to the scrapping of the bus rapid transit scheme. Labour councillors are picked up the communities that they serve.They work effectively with local residents to give them a voice in the decisions that effect them.Please take Cheap Pandora Bracelets Sale the time to vote labour:Your voice in crisis. Liberal democrats are seeking the support of bath residents on may 5 because we want to run a council that is truly aware of the needs and wishes of the people it serves. We are pledging to work for the improvements that are really needed from my area.Our priorities are for an excellent transport plan, a good local school for every single child, creating / developing strong, secure neighbourhoods and clogs every street.We will work to compliment and promote the local economy, to spend council funds fairly and wisely and stop traditionalistic waste.We are opposing the old-Fashioned plan for a brand new, multi million pound council job site. People in bath are telling us that they feel let down by the conservative governing control which has prioritised unpopular schemes such as the brt route over real improvements to benefit the city.Furthermore, conservatives have failed to deliver on their promises such as banning hgv traffic through bath and other transport improvements your rossiter road scheme. Liberal democrats are listening to you and campaigning hard on the issues that matter to residents.We believe all our local schools should be kept open and that the council should maintain a healthy youth service. A liberal democrat council will listen to and trust residents, working with residents to produce a better bath, rather than dictating from nowadays at the guildhall.Liberal democrat councillors will be active advocates for his or her local communities;We have a history of working hard all year round, and not simply at election time. The liberal democrats are providing a clear alternative;Please use both your votes to the liberal democrats on may 5. Support for the uk flexibility party is growing rapidly across the region.We believe that power and money should be given back to residents and their councils instead of being controlled by central government and the bureaucrats of brussels. We in addition need that money to be spent wisely.The conservatives are costing the people of bath and north east somerset dearly with crazy schemes just like the bath rapid cheapest price transit and the proposed million to be spent on new council offices when it is not even clear if these will be needed. The liberal dems are no better, judging by the last time they were in command of the council, when council tax rose extensively.Along with which, their slavish devotion to the eu means that vitally needed small enterprises are being suffocated with red tape and burdened by ever more complex rules.

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